This site will document the design, production and installation of

Torre de Especialidades,

a new surgery building at Hospital General Dr. Manuel Gea González in Tlalpan, Mexico D.F.

The installation comprises 2500m2 of prosolve370e depolluting tiles.

elegant embellishments is a design bureau, interested in systems that respond to a new set of invisible criteria for physical space. Our 'prototypes for building' act as catalysts for the re-interpretation of architectural spaces.

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photos by Alejandro Cartegena

Nearly finished in Tlalpan: stair tower painted, glazing is (mostly) in.

A Prosolve de-polluting facade is installed at Hospital Manuel Gea Gonzales in Tlalpan! More photos to follow….

The plastic foils are off and more tiles are going up!
Thanks to Arq. José Larroa-Fink for the photos. 

40% of the installation is complete in Tlalpan!

Last day in Mexico to watch the installation. 10 panels up, 499 to go….

Installation progress across columns A and B and the earthquake joint.

Mega Panel A1 is up!

Some training for the assembly team on the Mega Panels.  First panel assembled, wrapped and ready for installation.

1x40’ and 1x20’ shipping containers arrive in Tlalpan via Veracruz and Puebla. A final 1x40’ container to arrive the following morning.